Lifeguard Viva

24,500.00 23,000.00

  • Ro+UV+UF+TDS Controller
  • First time in India: 8 Stage Purification Process
  • Tank Capacity: 17ltrs
  • High quality Sediment and Carbon Filter


S.No. Descriptions Details
1 Purification Stages 8 Stage
2 Body Material ABS Plastic
3 Pump 100 GPD
4 Model Viva
5 Purification Method RO+UV+TDS Controller+Post Carbon+UF+Mineral Cartridge
6 TDS Controller Yes
7 Dry Cut Off Mechanism Yes
8 Storage Tank Capacity 17 Ltr
9 Flow Rate upto 18 LPH*
10 Auto Shut Off Yes
11 Operating Voltage 24V DC
12 Input Voltage 220 ± 10V AC, 50Hz
13 Installation Wall Mountable
Warranty 1 Year

It has 8 stage water purification technology. water passes through 8 stages of purification which makes water fit and healthy for drinking. Stage 1 :Pre filter; Stage 2: Sediment filter; Stage 3: Pre-Carbon filter; Stage 4: RO Membrane; Stage 5: UF ; Stage 6: Post Carbon ; Stage 7: Mineral Cartridge ; Stage 8 : UV Chamber. Lifeguard is emerging as India’s brand leader in home appliances segment. The vision is to be the most trusted brand in this segment having equal prominence on the global platform. Ever pioneer and ever leading in bringing out the latest technology offering smart machines at affordable costs.


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